Treasure map

What is the purpose of a map and how does it help us? Ah! It’s simple what kind of question is this!  I know you are not here to learn maps, but to find that treasure and walk off. Don’t worry, we are getting there…

Traditionally, if you look into a country’s map it helps you understand boundaries, division of states, road infrastructure, rivers, natural resources etc.,

In today’s digital world, google maps helps you to navigate from one place to another, tells you the distance, traffic conditions, one-ways, toll plaza’s, amenities on the way etc., Basically, it helps to plan your travel so that you can choose when to start, which route to take, how to avoid traffic etc., and reach your destination on time at ease.

It gives you a bird’s eye view of the current situation!!!

Now just imagine, having a similar kind of map for your business which would help you understand current situation and provide you with options to navigate so that you can achieve your business goals (treasure you are behind) as planned.

In the world of Lean Manufacturing, this map is called as Value Stream Mapping technique shortly referred as VSM. VSM is a simple mapping technique where you would be able to get a bird’s eye view of your business. It helps you understand business processes end to end, roadblocks and improvement opportunities. With this in hand, road map for the future is secured or i would say the treasure is revealed.

In nutshell, VSM is the blueprint of current status of affairs also showing us clearly where the treasure is hidden.

Interested to know where your treasure is hidden, go ahead and map your business! Or call us we would be glad to show you where it is!

 – Arun G

Business Process Goals Value Stream Mapping VSM

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