Need of the Hour !! – Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Out of all the prevailing industries, manufacturing  seems to be one of the most challenging and interesting choice. Aspirations are set clear by Government of India to increase manufacturing sector contribution to 25% of GDP by 2022. One commendable measure taken towards this goal is “Make in India” program that has a great impact internationally after its launch. Until 2018 the Gross Value Added (GVA) of manufacturing sector was at peaks touching 390 Billion US dollars. Among which the automotive sector contributes to almost 20% of the goods flow in the market. Thereby…Read more »

Enable flow to enhance productivity and throughput

“Focus on being productive instead of busy”, famous quote by “Tim Ferris” Advisor of Facebook, Twitter, and Uber.   Do you face the issue of ‘lower factory output’ even when your workers spend the whole time efficiently? If yes, you are not alone. There are many factories that are struggling with this problem i.e., “Higher individual output but lower collective output”, more so with factories that operate on ’piece-rate’. The first step in solving this problem is to locate where productivity is lost. When the system is capable of identifying the source of…Read more »

Where is the treasure hidden in your business – this map has answer for all that!

What is the purpose of a map and how does it help us? Ah! It’s simple what kind of question is this!  I know you are not here to learn maps, but to find that treasure and walk off. Don’t worry, we are getting there… Traditionally, if you look into a country’s map it helps you understand boundaries, division of states, road infrastructure, rivers, natural resources etc., In today’s digital world, google maps helps you to navigate from one place to another, tells you the distance, traffic conditions, one-ways, toll plaza’s, amenities on…Read more »

Is your business scoring the required run rate?

  If you are a big fan of cricket, then can you tell me which is the crucial number that the chasing team would always be looking into? Can you guess – is it the target score? Is it the overs remaining? Is it wickets on hand? If your answer is something other than what is mentioned above, then probably you are right! Yes, run rate it is. The chasing team always looks for the required run rate and plan their batting strategy – whether to go behind the bowlers with big hits…Read more »
LEAN Management – understanding its essence

LEAN Management – understanding its essence

LEAN Management is a bit like yoga; the true practitioner doesn’t claim he practices it – he just lives it . LEAN is modelled on the Toyota Production System (TPS), but Toyota doesn’t talk of it, it just pervades all they do! LEAN  has  myriad variants- LEAN Six Sigma, quick LEAN, Agile, etc.  But the essential principle is the same, focus on value creation and eliminate all activities that don’t add value. The guiding principle of LEAN, therefore,  is the concept of Value.   What the customer is willing to pay for is called…Read more »